Beef Black Curry

Beef black curry is an exceptionally tasty Bengali dish. There has a parcel of customary Bengali cooking strategy for beef. Beef black curry is one of them. It’s appearing to be minimal unique from other, practically like dark shading. That is the reason it’s called Kala Vuna(Dark curry). In the


Lamb Fry

Lamb/Mutton fry is a lip smacking lamb formula. Lamb fry is a standout amongst the most exemplary formula of searing style meat. Lamb fry is a formula with a kinds of crisp pepper corns, ginger garlic glue, cumin seeds and onion inserted in the flavors and lamb pieces. Ingredients: Mutton/lamb

Delicious Mutton Curry

Mutton is a magnificently rich meat that can deal with loads of bean stew and zest so this is the ideal for it. It tastes surprisingly better the following day as every one of the flavors orchestrate and the flavors dive deep into the meat. Take a look at the


KFC Style Fried Chicken Recipe

KFC fried chicken is a standout among-est the most well known fried chicken among all age over the globe. We attempted a great deal to duplicate the formula however it’s extremely troublesome. In the wake of examining far and wide, we found this formula that turns out tasting simply like

Fish Curry

Mustard Hilsa Fishes

In Bangladesh Hilsa fish is privately called the ruler of all fish. This attribution is just for its scrumptious taste and mouth watering flavor. It is the most pined for angle in Bangladesh as well as in India and different parts of the world. Hilsa fishes mouth watering flavor and