Beef Black Curry

Beef black curry is an exceptionally tasty Bengali dish. There has a parcel of customary Bengali cooking strategy for beef. Beef black curry is one of them. It’s appearing to be minimal unique from other, practically like dark shading. That is the reason it’s called Kala Vuna(Dark curry).


◊ 1 kilogram red meat
◊ 0.5 cup onion
◊ 2 tablespoon ginger
◊ 2 tablespoon garlic
◊ 1 tablespoon turmeric
◊ 1 tablespoon cumin powder
◊1 tablespoon coriander powder
◊ three tablespoon red chili powder
◊ zero.5 teaspoon poppy powder
◊ 1 tablespoon vinegar
◊ 1 teaspoon hot spices
◊ 05 cup mustard oil
◊ 05 cup soybean oil
◊ 1 tablespoon salt
◊ 1 teaspoon pepper


◊ Marinate the red meat with all the ingredients except oil,vinegar and hot spices.
◊ In a pan…add oil, marinated pork…stir continuously for five minutes in a medium flame.
◊ Then cowl the pan with a heavy lid. Prepare dinner it in a low flame.
◊ When the water comes out upload the vinegar and try until golden black.
◊ Serve it with dried chill’s.

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