KFC Style Fried Chicken Recipe

KFC fried chicken mystery recipe KFC fried fowl is legendary, and there must be masses of websites and videos claiming to have cracked the name of the game recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Others get into deep discussions approximately how the fowl is stress fried. Over time i have attempted many of those copycat recipes and may handiest say that it turned into one disappointment after the subsequent. None of them even got here close to the actual component.
nowadays i will monitor to you the real secret in the back of the legendary taste, aroma and texture of this iconic fowl. before i continue, i might much like make a factor.

Let’s get started by saying that it is not the secret combo of 11 herbs and spices, and it isn’t the use of pressurized deep fryers, or the form of oil or shortening used to try this. The name of the game to the insanely properly flavor, texture and aroma is inside the education of the bird before it even coated. in reality, using this method the fowl tastes very close to the actual element even with out the 11 herbs and spices.


◊ Eight-12 pieces Chicken thighs and drumsticks
◊ Three tsp paprika
◊ 2 tsp onion salt
◊ 1 tsp dried sage
◊ 1 tsp garlic powder
◊ 1 tsp oregano
◊ 1 tsp cayenne pepper
◊ 1 tsp cracked black pepper
◊ 1 tsp dried basil
◊ 1 tsp dried marjoram
◊ 1 tsp dried coriander

For the curing brine:
◊ 70g dairy or kosher salt (any non-iodated salt is great)
◊ 1 tsp entire black peppercorns
◊ 1 corn of complete allspice
◊ 12.5g saltpetre
◊ 1 tsp ginger
◊ 50g sugar
◊ 15g bicarbonate of soda

◊ 2 cups all motive flour
◊ 4-6 eggs gently overwhelmed


Combine the paprika, onion salt, sage, garlic powder, oregano, chilli powder, black pepper, basil, marjoram and coriander in a bowl and mix it collectively, then divide this in half of.
Pour 2.5 liter of filtered water into a pot and upload half of the spice mix together with all of the curing brine components. Deliver the pot to a boil, stirring regularly. lessen the warmth and allow the pot to simmer for 5 mins. Cast off the pot from the heat and allow the brine to cool completely.
The use of a carving fork or comparable device, poke holes thru the skin of the chook portions, then place them in a large sterilized container. Pour the cooled brine over the cook portions, put the lid on and permit this remedy in your refrigerator for a full 24 hours. Earlier than i preserve, for this recipe to be successful, you can not leave out something, mainly the saltpeter and bicarb. the right curing method is where the flavor, texture and juiciness comes from. After 24 hours, take away the fowl from the brine.
combine 2 cups of all motive flour with the opposite half of of the spices, and gently beat 4 eggs.
Dredge the hen within the flour aggregate, then dip it within the egg making sure to moist all the flour. Dredge the cook inside the flour again ensuring to get a very good stable coating. Sprinkle a layer of the flour aggregate onto a platter, switch the coated cook pieces to the platter and permit the coating to set for 20 minutes.
1/2 fill your wok or pot with oil. warmness the oil to 160c or 325f. fry the cook portions for 20 mins, turning over halfway. Eliminate the fowl from the oil, drain on kitchen paper and serve. Only some more notes earlier than we cross. The chicken need to fry for as a minimum 20 minutes. if you fry hotter and shorter, the coating will have a chalky texture.
The bird is cured, and as a end result it may stand in a low oven for prolonged duration of time with out a health risks, simply because it does in the store. This makes it viable to make a mountain of chicken before your visitors arrive. Smaller cuts like the KFC wings and fowl burgers can be blanketed in the following couple of days.

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