Paleo Glazed Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have a terrible notoriety – individuals regularly fall under the suspicion that in the event that they are to be scrumptious, they are to be fricasseed in oil… Alas, these coated chicken wings are not that by any means. Paleo coated chicken wings are tasty.

There’s one other trap to making these Paleo coated chicken wings. You can simply put them on a lined preparing plate to cook them, however the most ideal approach to guarantee that they get the profound shading and freshness you can find in my photos is to utilize a broiler safe wire rack. That way, the chicken wings don’t sit in their own juices, which makes them saturated. Keeping them lifted up on a stove safe wire rack like this implies air circles around them and they fresh and dark colored substantially more viably.


6 lbs chicken wings

2 containers mango, cubed

6 cloves garlic

Squeeze and get-up-and-go of 2 limes (around 1/4 container crisp juice)

1/4 container + 2 tbl coconut aminos

1/4 container avocado oil

1/4 container (or more) water

3 tbl minced ginger

1 tbl gluten free fish sauce


Include the majority of the marinade fixings to a blender and process until consolidated.

In a huge cooler pack or compartment, pour the marinade over the chicken wings and hurl to coat them uniformly.

Marinate the wings for no less than 1/2 a hour or up to medium-term before cooking.

Preheat the stove to 400F.

Line two half sheet preparing plate with thwart. Place a broiler safe wire rack onto every plate.

Gap the chicken wings between the two plate and place them onto the wire racks.

Prepare for 30 minutes, at that point use tongs to turn over the wings.

Turn the stove up to 425F. Restore the wings to the stove and keep on preparing until brilliant dark colored, around 10 minutes.

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