Whole Chicken Roast

Use maldon salt for the chicken, it’s thin and flaky and flavorful and will make the chicken skin the equivalent. Place the chicken specifically over the vegetables, the chicken juices and tastiness will leak directly into them and that is something worth being thankful for! You’ll require two substantial preparing dishes for this as the veggies take a great deal of room before they cook down. You’ll in the end consolidate them into one dish yet until them, keep them isolated. What’s more, before you ask, I adore tri-shaded veggies, so there are purple and white carrots you see in there also! Lastly the secret to the crispiest skin you’ll ever have. Utilizing your finger, extricate the skin from whatever remains of the chicken. This guarantees a tad of breathing room from the dampness of the skin.

Likewise don’t hesitate to switch the veggies up. As should be obvious in the image underneath I included a few beets and it was GREAT expansion! Simply ensure they’re vegetables that hold up to the warmth and broiling.


1 entire roaster chicken

2 pounds of carrots cut into 1-2 inch fragments

1 pound of cremini mushrooms divided and/or quartered

1/2 onion quartered

4 cloves garlic stripped and crushed

great olive oil

maldon salt

lemon pepper


Preheat broiler to 425*

In an expansive bowl join carrots, mushrooms, onions and garlic

Include olive oil, enough to coat and about 1-2 tsp of salt

Hurl to coat altogether

In two extensive preparing dishes exchange vegetables with the goal that they make one even layer in each heating dish

Place chicken bosom side up ON TOP of the vegetable in one of the heating dish

Sprinkle olive oil over chicken and rub into skin, completely covering

Liberally sprinkle Maldon salt over whole surface of chicken

Liberally sprinkle lemon pepper over whole surface of chicken

Delicately rub salt and pepper into skin of chicken

Place chicken and extra container of vegetable into broiler and heat for 30 minutes

Following 30 minutes, turn broiler temp down to 400*

Include vegetables in additional container into the skillet with the chicken and delicately join all vegetable together

Keep on cooking until the inside temp of the chicken achieved 165*

When wanted temp is come to (around an expansion 45 minutes), haul chicken and vegetable out of stove and cover freely for 10 minutes

Let rest of 10 minutes before serving

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